Global Studies 2, Syllabus

Global Studies II

Course Syllabus

Mrs. Hollis

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Course Overview:

In the course of Global Studies II we will explore the following topics: Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration & Expansion, Monarchs of Europe, Scientific Revolution, The Enlightenment, Revolution in England, The French Revolution and Napoleon. Students will be expected to develop a global perspective of other countries history, geography, government, language, religion, and society of the past as it transcends into the present.

Course Objectives:

·         Students will understand and build tolerance for other cultures, religions, races and ethnic relations.

·         Students will identify the influence of World History on American History.

·         Students will enhance and build upon geography skills and current global knowledge.

·         Students will be expected to better understand the influence of the social sciences in their lives today.

Course Outcomes:

Students will be evaluated on their ability to:

·         Write description, analysis, and argumentation of key historical concepts/theories with logical support.

·         Identify and discuss cause and effect relationships between historical events.

·         Analyze key historical people and events and their impact on the development of the Western World.

·         Write critical compositions in response to historical issues.

·         Apply theories learned in class to their own life experiences.

All students must be able to participate in class discussions, individual projects and presentations, group projects, completion of maps, writing assignments, homework, and unit tests.

Course Outline:

Unit I: Renaissance

Unit II: Reformation

Unit III: Exploration & Expansion

Unit IV: Monarchs of Europe

Unit V: The Enlightenment and Revolution in England

Unit VI: The French Revolution and Napoleon


BE RESPECTFUL             BE PREPARED                BE READY TO LEARN                BE PATIENT

EXERCISE OPENMINDEDNESS- We are all here to learn from each other and grow intellectually. No one in this classroom is any better than anyone else. You may respectfully disagree with someone’s opinion and engage in respectful dialogue at designated times; however, you may never belittle anyone.

PARTICIPATE- You will learn more and do better in class if you actively participate. Participation is not only speaking out loud in class, but also completing homework assignments on time, taking notes during lectures, coming to class on time, actively studying outside of class, seeking the teacher’s assistance when you do not understand something, helping others who may have difficulty, following the expectations of the class, and actively participating in cooperative groups.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES- I know most of you have cell phones. Keep them in your bags during class-this means absolutely NO TEXTING. Earphones are not to be in your ears during class time, even if your musical device is turned off, unless otherwise stated.


Your grade throughout the year may be determined by the following: tests/quizzes, homework, class work, projects, portfolios, self-/peer-assessment, debates, mock trials, role-playing, research, scenarios/simulations, writing assignments, team assignments, presentations, speeches, graded discussions, notebooks, behavior, and class participation.

All assignments are to be done INDIVIDUALLY unless otherwise indicated on the assignment guidelines.  Assessments will tend to be comprehensive in nature so it is ill-advised to discard information from past units.  Your success in this course will directly correspond to the effort you put forth.

Late Assignments:

It is the teacher’s discretion to refuse to accept late assignments, as the homework will be reviewed the day it is due. Generally, you may turn in your homework one day late for half credit. Do not ask to print out an assignment at the beginning of class.  You will be told no and the assignment will be late—we all experience printing problems so manage your time efficiently.  Some assignments (projects, papers, etc.) will be accepted late with a Letter Grade deduction (approximately 10%) for each day late.  All late work must be given DIRECTLY TO THE TEACHER, not left on a desk or placed under a door. Copying homework will result in a zero for both students. Plagiarism will result in a score of zero and disciplinary action. Late assignments will not be eligible for bonus points, if available.


Upon your return to school after an excused absence, you will have the number of days absent to make up all missed work, including exams/i>. Assignments due on the day you were absent are due on the day you return. If you are in school for any portion of the day but miss this class, you must still turn in any assignments due that day. This includes absences for sporting events. It is YOUR responsibility to get all handouts and missed notes, etc.  If you do not understand any missed assignments or material, it is your responsibility to schedule a time to work with me.  Failure to make up missed work will result in a ZERO for the work.  Work cannot be made up for unexcused absences, and you will receive a grade of zero.&n 


You must have a dedicated three-ring binder. Most students use a 1” binder. Your notebook will be collected at the end of the semester and you will receive a grade for your notebook at the end of each nine-weeks. Your notebook must be organized into separate sections for each unit, as specified in a separate handout. Your notebook is worth a significant number of points at the end of each nine-weeks.


By reading and signing this page, you and your parents understand the rules and expectations of Global Studies II.  Please sign below and return to Mrs. Hollis for 5 points.


Parents, you may phone me at 412-655-8610 x6276:p>

 or email me at

Mrs. Kelly Hollis

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Phone: 412-655-8610 x6276
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